Controlling one’s thoughts

I like everything about the course. Concise and very educative

2 thoughts on “Controlling one’s thoughts”

  1. Masha’allah so nice to hear. The course is trying to simplify very complex concepts; I’m glad of the early feedback that it is achieving that. To learn more, you should know that:
    – I have released my first book, Instant Insights, free to the public too- we reached our sales target. Find it at tinyurl.com/tkbookone
    – My other courses, longer and more in-depth, can be found on Udemy.
    I make them free or cheap, but high quality. My mission is to benefit people; whatever funds I raise goes to my mental health access mission. drtkharris.wordpress.com

    • Assalamualaikum Dr Harris . What a coincidence , subhanallah , I was browsing through udemy for Islamic counseling courses and Came across yours and was wondering how I can I have a peek of the course before I actually sign up for this and today coincidently this free course link was sent to me in one of the group chats by someone I don’t know. Allah guides to what we are looking for . I just want to add that the courses on udemy show different prices in different browsers and different countries , so I am really not sure about Udemy, is there any other way to access your courses , JazakAllah Khair .

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