The Gift of Ramadan

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This course is based on the series ‘Ramadan Reminders’ by Shaykh Ismail Kamdar for all those who are looking for ways to make the most out of their time in Ramadan.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wishes to increase their productivity during the month of Ramadan. It aims to help the learner on how to make the best use of every aspect of this blessed month, guiding them with tips that are practical and rewarding, in sha Allah.

What will I learn?

  • Time management in Ramadan
  • Productivity at work in Ramadan
  • Teaching children about Ramadan
  • Maximizing benefits of the Qur’aan in Ramadan


Shaykh Ismail Kamdar

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Posted 9 months ago
Inspiring, Practical, and Rejuvenating

I highly recommend this course for converts, born Muslims, and/or those that are seeking clarity, inspiration, and rejuvenation of their intentions of becoming better Muslims. The course is presented is in a friendly and un-intimidating manner. The quizzes allows the student to see the information through short vignettes for practical application. Overall, excellent. Assalaam Alaikum

Posted 9 months ago

this course is easier and it taught me a lot of beneficial things. this ramadan is going to be the best

Posted 9 months ago

The course material was great

Posted 9 months ago
Simple and Memorisable

I was really impressed. I have never did any Ramadhan plans but by seeing this i have thought lots of changes to make in this Ramadhan. Subuhanallah! It's really useful for evryone. May Allah accept all good deeds of those who are behind this. I got clear mind about planning about Ramadhan. Jazakallahuhairan 😀

Posted 9 months ago
Simple, Efficient and Beneficial

Alhamdulillah! This course really helped me in preparing me for my very first Ramadan. I've gained a deeper understanding of the meaning and value of this month. Subhan Allah! The course is simple and everything is to-the-point. Masha Allah! The speaker is very good and has made everything very easy! The lessons I learnt from this course are lessons I'll follow for the rest of my life!

Posted 9 months ago

Shukran for your review. Glad you could benefit from it.

Posted 9 months ago
Very beneficial

May Allah reward those who have put this together and given me the opportunity to learn Ameen!

Posted 9 months ago
Informative n practical course

Alhumdulillah i have learned quran n hadith so i was able to understand course easily n had some practical tips too like setting goals n how to achieve them.The term Smart s very good.people who havent read tranation n tafseer of quran n hadith n its shara or fiqh ll find the course very knowledgeable. Jazakallah o khair for providing me an opportunity to do it for free . barakallah

Posted 9 months ago

Jazakum Allah khairan. MashAllah so much information in a well done couse. Barak Allahu fikum

Posted 9 months ago
Great content!

Alhumdullilah well put together course with some nice quizzes at the end. Must take this course to develop a great plan of action to gain maximum benefit in the holy month of Ramadan

Posted 9 months ago
Refreshing your mind

Alhamdolillah very informative and good to revising the purpose of Ramadan . Some questions on the quiz were tricky but otherwise informative. JazakAllah

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