Purification of the Soul

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Course Title

Tazkiyyah (Tazkiah) al-Nafs / Tassawuf – Introduction to purification of the soul

Every action is judged by its intention, and each person will get what they intended.

Sahih al-Bukhari 1

Course Length

2-3 Hours

Course Division

25 Modules with notes and MCQs, each module between 5 and 10 minutes


  1. Introduction to Tazkiyyah al-Nafs
  2. Niyyah
  3. Qalb
  4. Stages of the Qalb
  5. Stages of the Nafs
  6. Good Deeds 1
  7. Good Deeds 2
  8. Sins 1
  9. Sins 2
  10. Hypocrisy 1
  11. Hypocrisy 2
  12. Knowledge
  13. Company
  14. Istighfaar
  15. Salah
  16. Zakah
  17. Fasting
  18. Hajj
  19. Nalf Ibadah
  20. Morning Duas 1
  21. Morning Duas 2
  22. Morning Duas 3
  23. Qiyam al-Layl
  24. Gradual Progress
  25. Other Concepts

Course Instructor

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar

Ratings and Reviews

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Abdullahi Umar Aliyu
Posted 1 week ago

Alhamdulillah,this is ma sha Allah and interesting online course. I benefit a lot from it.I would like to thank the those that put there efforts toward this.may Allah rewarded them abundantly and gives them good at here and the akhirah.ameen

minha sultan
Posted 2 weeks ago
Tazkiyyathul nafs is a life long process

Alhamdhulillah this course was very useful for me. It showed me ways to purify my soul step by step insha allah and realized my mistakes which I will try to correct insha allah. Jazakallah khairan.

Muniru Lakine Al-Hassan
Posted 2 weeks ago

Alhamdulillah May Allah bless all those who took part in this work, their families and we ask Allah to guide and make ease for all Muslims on the globe. Alhamdulillah. After learning this course, part of my problem is solve as I now know success in this world and the hereafter is a gradual process

Haleemat Abdulrasaq
Posted 2 weeks ago

Masha Allah! It's a good way of reminding Muslims of the purpose of their creation. May Allah grant us ease in practicing all that is learnt in our daily lives. Jazakumllahu Khair!

Posted 3 weeks ago
Purification of the soul is a journey

Alhamdulillāh. This lesson is practical, and simple, and easy to understand. Jazākumullāhu khairan for the lesson.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!