History and Virtues of Al-Aqsa

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Module A: Virtues of Al-Aqsa

  • Introduction
  • Virtues of Al-Aqsa in the Quran
  • Virtues of Al-Aqsa in the Hadith
  • Virtues of praying in Al-Aqsa
  • Status of Al-Aqsa in previous Scriptures

Module B: Islamic History of Al-Aqsa

  • The Second Masjid
  • The Children of Israel Settle in the Holy Land
  • The Story of Musa (AS)
  • The Story of Yusha (AS)
  • Al-Aqsa during the time of Dawud and Suleiman (AS)
  • The Fall of Al-Aqsa to the Babylonians and Romans
  • Umar (RA) recaptures Al-Aqsa
  • Al-Aqsa under Muslim rule
  • The Crusades and the fall of Al-Aqsa
  • The Liberation of Al-Aqsa at the hands of Salahudin (RA)
  • History of Al-Aqsa from time of Salahudin until modern Era

Module C: History of Zionism and Modern Palestine

  • The Rise of Zionism
  • Ottoman Opposition to Zionism
  • World War I and its Aftermath
  • Genocide of Palestine
  • The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
  • Arab Resistance to Israel
  • The Rise of Hamas and Fatah
  • Media Warfare
  • The Apartheid system of Israel
  • The role of Al-Aqsa in the end times