Character and Manners

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The Prophet (ﷺ) never used bad language neither a “Fahish nor a Mutafahish. He used to say “The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 3559

Course Title:

Akhlaq (Character and manners according to Quran and Sunnah)

Course Length:

2-3 Hours

Course Division

25 Modules with notes and MCQs, each module between 5 and 10 minutes


  1. Introduction to Akhlaq
  2. Differences between Akhlaq and Adaab
  3. Intentions and its role in manners
  4. Tafsir of Surah Hujarat Part 1
  5. Tafsir of Surah Hujarat Part 2
  6. Tafsir of Surah Hujarat Part 3
  7. Tafsir of Surah Hujarat Part 4
  8. Tafsir of Surah Hujarat Part 5
  9. Hadith: Righteousness is good character
  10. Hadith: Speak well or remain silent
  11. Lowering the gaze
  12. Etiquette of dealing with the opposite gender
  13. Good character with our families
  14. Good character in business
  15. Good character when seeking knowledge
  16. Good character with neighbors
  17. Forgiving others
  18. Asking people for forgiveness for one’s mistakes
  19. Recommended Resources on good character
  20. Conclusion: Recap and Final Advice

Course Instructor

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar

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Andika Agung
Posted 1 week ago
Jazakallahu khairan

Easy to understand and meaningful. Try to improve the video because I can not view the video.

Posted 1 week ago

We have tried to reach out to you. Please drop us a mail so support can look into it.

Posted 1 week ago
Very Good

May Allah grand you Jannahtul firdaus

Muniru Lakine Al-Hassan
Posted 2 weeks ago

May Allah reward all those who contributed on this course, their families and all Muslims on the globe

Posted 3 weeks ago

I loved the course and the explanation for each lesson.

Posted 3 weeks ago
Jazak Allah khair

Alhamdulilah! The course is well detailed and beneficial. May Allah Azzawajal rewards you and the team immensely. May we put all what we have learnt into practice in your everyday routine. Jazak Allah khair

Posted 4 weeks ago
Binth Yahya

Jazakallah khair

Posted 4 weeks ago
Alhamdulillah o(〃^▽^〃)o

Alhamdulillah.. Loved it ??

Aaliyah A
Posted 2 months ago

Such an easy way to learn the core principles of Islam. Alhumdullilah, I am really benefiting from these courses and would recommend to others

Mohammed Kiani
Posted 2 months ago
Very helpful course

I rate this course and give 5 star. The teacher has done in a nice way. This course will help me in my life to practice what I have learned today. Thanks very much Muslim Central.

farhana iqra
Posted 3 months ago
This is a wonderful course

This course is really helpful and educative. It will surely help us to become a better muslim . May Allah bless the author of this course.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!