Seeds of Guidance is a project by Muslim Central, an organisation that develops online solutions for Muslims.


Seeds of Guidance is a e-learning platform for users to learn about the basics of Islam and related topics. This platform is free to use, with the focus on simplicity and use of use. 

The courses will be beginner level and self-paced. Tests will be optional, and in a non-written format. Where possible, lessons will be around 12 minutes each and text to be under 5 minute read-able. 

The target audience is adults and teenagers, especially existing Muslim Central users who are accustomed to listening to lectures. This is not to compete with existing platforms, but rather to take our listeners who enjoy using our platforms, one step up in terms of seeking knowledge. 

We have over 400 series on Muslim Central, so many of these can be turned into short-courses in the form of the existing audio with some text and optional tests.

We are including certifications, points for completing lessons, quizzes and courses to encourage users. Also, looking to include a leadership board and the like.

Finally, we will allow group leaders (e.g. teachers) to have their students sign-up and be assigned to them, for them to manage and monitor their progress on courses.