Respected educators, you be interested in the following we are offering.

Course Submissions

This could be a course that you donate or sell. If donating, it is an opportunity to up-sell your paid courses by us including your links in the description of the course to your paid courses.

At the time of writing we have over 1100+ Learners, with the platform not being launched officially. If you would like to sell or donate a course do let me us know by completing the contact form at the bottom of the page.

The courses are self-enrichment level and learners can complete them at their own pace. They earn points for completing quizzes and certificates. Points will unlock more courses.

The ideal (not compulsory) format of the course would be as follows:

  1. Video/Audio (+- 12 min)
  2. Course Text (no referencing a book)
  3. Multiple Choice type questions (we may be able to assist)

Group Leader

As a group leader, you can be assigned your students on the platform. Your students can register for a course(s) that you specify.

You can monitor their progress, send them emails all from the dashboard. Courses, are restricted to what we have on the website. This feature is by invite only at the moment. Contact us should you be interested.