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Sulaiman Moola Lectures

Sheikh Sulaiman Moola audio MP3 lectures compressed & optimized for quick mobile phone streaming!

3 Golden Advice

A Blissful Life

A Good Marriage

A Good Marriage

A Happy Life

A Happy Marriage

A Man of His People

A Message to The Muslim Youth

A Message to the Muslim Youth

A Pious Wife

A Self Destructive Nation

A Shining City on A Hill

A Spiritual Immune Booster !

Abdullah Ibn Masood

Absence of Barakah

Abu Bakr(R.A)

Address At The UK Youth Conference

Ambassodor of The Quran

Anecdotes from the Life of Ali (R.A.)

Aspirations Of A Young Girl

Be the change you want to see in others

Beard – Sunnah or Waajib

Beauty Of A Muslim Woman

Beloved Mother

Benefits of Saying InshAllah

Beware The Curse Of The Pious

Birth Control & Abortion

Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap Between Parents and Children

Challenge To The Youth


Consistency In ‘Aamal

Courage To Control The Lustful Soul

Courage to control the lustful soul Part 01

Courage to control the lustful soul Part 02

Current Fitnahs

Deception Of A Non-Believer

Deflate Your Ego from the Crave of Fame

Demise Of Nabi (saw)

Depression vs Contentment

Different Teaching Methods

Divine Light Amidst Modern Darkness

Do Not Taunt The Sinner

Echoes from the Cave Part 1

Echos from the Cave Part 2

English Eidul Fitr Spiritual investment, Sure to Mature

Entertainment in Islam

Entertainment In Islam

Every Soul Shall Taste Death

Extracts from the life of Dawwod (AS)

Faatimah [may Allah be pleased with her] Queen of Jannah

Father’s Advice

Feb 2013

Five Great Women In Islam

Follow Divine Guidance

Gay Marriages! What Next

Gems from the Story of Yusuf

Golden Rules To A Successful Marriage

Harms Of Interest And Usury

Harms Of Sin

Hazrat Abubakr (R.A)

Honesty And Gratitude

Importance of BEARD (Sunna or Wajib) By Sheik Sulaiman Moola

Intention and Imaan by

Interfaith Relationship – The Key To Peaceful Co-Existence

Is The Beard Waajib

Islam And The Media

Islam And The People Of The Book

Islam True Hidden Friend

Islamic Unity And Brotherhood

Jummah by Ash at Wellawatta Jummah Masjid

Last Moments in the Life of Muhammad (saw)

Legacy of Hassan ra

Make Peace with your Challengers & Focus on the Rewards Promised

Masjid-e-Anisul Islam 2013

Mercy for the Entire Universe

Moulana Sulaiman Moola & Habib Umar bin Hafiz Part 2

Moulana Sulaiman Moola & Habib Umar bin Hafiz Part 3

Music & Islam

My Sahabah are like Guiding Stars

Noah’s Ark or the Titanic

Nobelest form of Charity

Paradise and Hell

Parent Child Relationship The Bridge To A Brighter Future

Parent-Child Relationship Part 01

Path to Piety 2012

Prep for Ramadan

Preservation Of Marriage

Prophetic Predictions

Q&A Depression vs Contentment

Ramadan 2013 ll What Is The Purpose

Recognise Your Enemy The Devil

Rediscovering Our Moral Compass

Reflecting On The Accolades Of Uthmaan RA

Respect and Mannerism

Sahaba R.A


Seeking comfort in the Prophetic teaching admist global Unrest

Shaykh Suliman Moola

Signs of Qiyaamit Judgement Day

Sin City

Sin of Adultery sex before marriage

Social Coduct of a Muslim

Social Conduct Of A Muslim – Its Magnetic Effect On Non-Muslims

Suicide the Killer

Surah Al-Mulk Part 1

Surah Al-Mulk Part 2

Surah Al-Mulk Part 3

Surah Al-Mulk Part 4

Take Care of Your Health


The Accolades of Uthman

The Beauty of Youth

The Ideal Muslim By Shikh Sulaiman Moola

The Mercy to the Worlds

The Mischief Of Shaitaan A Challenge To The Ummah

The Mischief of Shaitan Part 01

The Mischief of Shaitan Part 02

The Mischief of Shaitan Part 03

The Most forgiving Human (saw)

The Perfect Role Model

The Poetry of Imam Shafi’ee 1

The Poetry of Imam Shafi’ee 2

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) A Man of His People

The Queen of Jannah

The Reality of the Grave

The Smile of A Child

The Sun That Never Set

The Tsunami Lesson

Value Every Minute

Walking In The Footprints Of The Noble Companions (RA)

Why You are Depressed and The Cure!


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